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Flash Tips
Click on the title of each Flash animation to see a large version with an explanation of how it was done. Remember, these miniature versions are all the same as the large size versions; they've just been reduced in size for purposes of making thumbnails, but because they're vector art they render smoothly at all sizes!
Revolution Cartoon Morph Hinting Motion Path Symbols
Fireworks Pen Lessons
The heart and soul of any vector drawing program is working with the Pen tool. Since Fireworks is a vector drawing program, learning to use its Pen will help you harness the full power of Fireworks. Your goal is not just to be able to create different shapes with the Pen tool; it is also to do it as naturally as possible. The Pen tool creates objects by connecting anchor points with paths. The paths may be straight or curved depending on how the Pen is clicked or dragged.
As you work through the following exercises try to anticipate what kind of point should come next and where it should be located. While the first few exercises are very easy, they do get more sophisticated and complicated. You probably won't be able to make all your points perfect at the start. Don't worry. You can always use the Subselection tool afterwards to adjust points.
Corner Point
The first type of point, a corner point, makes straight lines. An object such as a kite is created with corner points.
Smooth Point
The second type of point, a smooth point, makes curved lines. An object such as an egg is created with smooth points.
Corner Point
with Two Handles

The third type of point, a corner point with handles, makes curved lines that join in a sharp point.
Corner Point
with One Handle

The petals of a flower are created with corner points with handles.


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