Flash Tips: Cartoon

This artwork started out as an ordinary piece of clip art. There are three different types of Flash animtions here.

The pupils of the eyes are moving using Flash's motion tweening. A motion tween allows you to place an object in one position on one frame and another position on an second. Then Flash fills in the in between elements by itself.

The fingers are moving using Flash's Shape tweening. The is also called "morphing." With morphing Flash fills in the differences between the shape of an object. So in this case I simply drew the each finger in an up or down state and let Flash fill in the between looks.

The blink of the eye is tricky. I thought I'd have to do a Shape tween between the eyelid in the up state and the down state. But what I discovered is that all I needed was the eyelid off in one frame and one in another. I didn't need any tweening at all. The blink happens so quickly that you would swear that the eyelid moves down. But it doesn't. Your eye fills in the rest.

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