Flash Tips: Revolution

This is actually simpler than I thought it would be, but still had a few "gotchas" in it.

First thing I simply imported a piece of artwork from Illustrator into Flash 4.

I then created a symbol of the artwork.

The first part of the revolution was easy. Just take the duplicate the symbol on one frame and then apply a horizontal scale so that it was extremely thin on the second frame. Then it was simply a motion tween between the first and second frames.

What was complicated was getting the symbol to turn around to a reversed image. I found that if I used the same symbol from the original first frame, the image would rotate around rather than just squish in and out.

So I had to create a second symbol of the same image, but flipped horizontally. I was then able to make a second motion tween tween a very thin version of that flipped symbol and the symbol in a normal width.

Finally, I simply copied and pasted the first two frames in reverse order to finish the revolution.

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