Fireworks Pen Lesson: Corner Point with One Handle
As depressing as it may seem, the final object is a tombstone. This object has points that have only one handle so you will need to learn how to pull handles out from a point and retract handles into a point.
Choose the Pen tool and move the cursor over to where you want the bottom left point of the tombstone to be positioned. Click to create the first point. Move your cursor over to the right. Because you want the next point to be on the same horizontal plane, hold the SHIFT key. Click to create the second point.
Move the cursor up again holding the SHIFT key and click to create the third point.
You now want to extend a handle out from this point. Move the cursor back to the point you just created and hold the COMMAND+OPTION keys on the Mac or the CONTROL+ALT keys on Windows. Your cursor changes to a white curved arrow head. Drag with this arrow head to extend a handle out from the point. Hold the SHIFT key to keep the handle straight up. Release the mouse button to finish the point.
Move the cursor up to where the top of the tombstone should be. Drag to the left to make a smooth curve.
Move the cursor down to where the left side of the curve should end and drag down. This creates a point with two handles.
You now need to retract the second handle from this point. Move your cursor back over the point. You will see a small arrow pointing back into the cursor. Click to retract the handle.
To close the tombstone, move back to the original point and click.


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