Fireworks Pen Lesson: Smooth Points
The next object we'll make is a curve the goes up and down like the path of roller coaster. A curve such as this is excellent to use as the path for text to be attached to.
Again choose the Pen tool and move the cursor over your page where you want the path to begin. Since the path is curved, you want to drag with the Pen tool. The direction of the drag controls the direction of the curve. The beauty of this method is that all you have to do is drag in straight lines. The program turns the drag into a curve. Since the curve starts by going up, drag with the Pen straight up. A blue white dot appears with a line coming out from each side. This line is actually two Bezier handles that control the direction and length of the curve.
Move the cursor to the right on the same horizontal plane as the first point (not the top of the handle). You will notice that the path is already slightly curved.
At this second position the path is moving down, so drag with the Pen tool down. Release the mouse when the curve extends up between the two points. The height of the curve is controlled by the length of the handle. Don't let yours stick up too high.
Move the cursor directly to the right for the position of the third point. This time the curve is going up, so drag straight up. Again you can see how the handles control the height of the curve. Position the cursor to the right and drag down for the next curve. Again, watch the up handle to judge how much of a curve you create.
Instead of closing the path as you did with the arrow, you're just going to end it as an open path. Hold the COMMAND key on the Mac or the CONTROL key on Windows and just click anywhere off the path. This gives you the selection tool and deselects the path you have just created.

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