Fireworks Pen Lesson: Corner Points
The first object we'll make is a simple arrow pointing to the right which could be used as a navigational elements on your web pages.
Start by choosing the Pen tool in the toolbox and move the cursor over your page.
Notice the small white square next to the cursor.This indicates you are about to start a new path.
Click the mouse button where you want to position the first point. A small blue dot appears. This is the anchor point.
Move the cursor to the point where you want the next point to appear. A line appears showing you where the path will appear. Click to create the second point.
Continue clicking till you have created all the points of the arrow. You will notice that there is a gap between the first and last point. You need to finish the object by bringing the cursor back over the first point.
Notice that a small black dot appears next to the cursor. Click to close the path.

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